We are a 100% Canadian made clothing company. Our vision is to support local and small business as much as possible. Being located in a small town gives us the support of a community; they say it takes a village to raise a child and in our case, a business too. We are, for the most part, a family run business- none of this would be possible without the overwhelming support (and labour) of our family. Our seamstresses have become more like family members than workers, they are an integral part of the business. We believe in creating high quality clothing with fair pay and an ethical work environment.

In regards to the line itself, the look is - Modern Child, Timeless Style™. Basically our style is children looking like little adults, which will have you freaking out! 


We try our best to be eco-friendly, the polymailer bags we use that will arrive with your purchase can be treated like a plastic grocery bag, recycled at any grocery store offering the service. The tags attached to your purchase can be recycled in the paper bin and the tacks that attach the tags are made of recycled plastic. 

Jessica Johnston

The Kingpin


The brains of the operation and oversees creative control. 

Answers the questions, doesn't ask them..

John McLennan

The Safe Cracker

In charge of the assets whose sole job is to analyze the machinery and crack the codes.

Husband to the Kingpin.

Pauline Schering

The Muscle

The backbone of the operation.

Accepts any job and gets it done right... the first time.

In Trust to the Family.

© 2018 by frocc. Proudly Canadian.

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